2009 BMW 3 Series UK version

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BMW said that this is how is going to look the new 2009 3 Series UK version. The aspect is very familiar to us, there’s nothing new about this.bmw uk series, UK version comes with a wide range of motors that you can choose from.
These are the gasoline  models of the 2009 BMW 3 Series UK version: 318i with 143 PS at 6,000rpm, 320i with 170 PS at 6,700 rpm, 325i with 218 PS at 6,100rpm, 330i with 272 PS at 6,700 rpm and 335i with 306 PS at 5,800 rpm.Also, these are the diesel models 318d with 143 PS at 4,000 rpm, 320d with 177 PS at 4,000 rpm, 325d with 197 PS at 4,000 rpm, 330d with 245 PS at 4,000 rpm and 335d with 286 PS at 4,400 rpm. This is the source:auto blog
This UK version of the 2009 BMW 3 SERIES  has a very nice design and a very good motorization. I prefer the 7 Series with this design and also the 1 Series with a diferent aspect because I think it’s too much for a 3 Series to look like this.
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