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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey whats goin on guys, i just bought a 97 2.8 quattro 5 speed. I love the thing, its got a lowered german racing suspension, short throw, intake, deleted res with true dual delta flow 44 and the most amazing momo racing seats. I had a 95 accord before this but i killed it racing. ive been into cars for a while, my accord had 300 hpw before i killed it which is pretty good considering everything was done by me. It had i/e/h, short throw, bored tb, h22 head swap, f23 intake man, centerforce clutch, and Jspec tuned Ecu. My audi is slower but i like it a lot, im looking at getting a tap chip, and eventually boost it. I have some crazy idea's about doing a twin turbo, with the way the V engine is facing it would be perfect minus the weak internals. Its got a strong head but weak bottom, if i swaped the S4 bottom it could work, I think. But thats just a fantasy for now. Me and my cousin are hopefully gonna open a performance shop with in the next couple months and we are both gonna take out loans for the business and our cars. We figure that way if the shop doesnt go over well and we fail atleast we got fast cars.