Luxury Lexus LS600h will become the Official Car of Monaco's Royal Wedding

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MONACO - current media attention tends to wait for the implementation of the couple's wedding in UK, namely Prince William and Kate Middleton, on 29 April. Meanwhile, interesting news also emerged from Monaco, a small country a protectorate of the French. What is interesting is this time not on the bridal couple, but a weddomg car that will be used.

Luxury Lexus LS600h

Monaco Royal Family members who will get married is Prince Albert II, on 2 July. The prince will marry Miss Charlene Wittstock. The car taken to carry the bride is the Lexus LS600h.

Reported, when it will be used later, this luxury hybrid sedan is equipped with a light or blink rotator (flash), the symbol of the kingdom, and special plates "MC01". It is said that the luxury car is considered appropriate as the bridal couple Kingdom of Monaco car because this car will be surrounded by electric cars at the parade later .

The decision to opt a hybrid Lexus is once again to dedicate Prince Albert II's commitment to environmental awareness. He erected The Prince Albert II's Monaco Foundation in 2006. The institute is helping 150 projects to monitor changes in the evolution and provide protection to the environment. The special organization also gives attention to the specific species of animals and plants. It added that Prince Albert II also donates aid water management in developing countries.