Special Lamborghini modified to be similar to 'Fighter' for Chris Brown

Friday, April 22, 2011

GEORGIA - How do you define "cool" on your car? Cool, cute, steady, all of it is completely relative. However, U.S. singer, Chris Brown, do not have a headache thinking about it after a designer embodies the meaning of "cool" to be the Lamborghini painted like fighter planes of World War II era.

Beginning last April, Lamborghini's ex-lover R & B singer, Rihanna, it was seen in the parking lot of a gym. Italian supercar which was originally newfangled Gallardo runs out paint spray painted with leather design fighter P-51 Mustang.

"Thank you for rapper T-Pain. He who says if Lamborghini Chris took a touch, and recommended me to conjure up the car," said Sean Burnley, designer of the Lamborghini design.

Sean is from Georgia claimed to be assisted other artists in the design work on this car. "An artist, Brad Keener, help me to Photoshop affairs. The design is then approved by Chris," he said.

He also claimed to find references as much as possible to apply the Mustang fighter jet look into this car. Can be seen, he was even more details apply splash-splashing oil so this Lambo looks like a dull old planes that are often used to fight.

Special, the standard 5000 cc car engine is fitted with seat even before a real fighter. But unfortunately, the chair turned out to be removed and replaced with new modern upholstery and audio systems. Understandably, that has not rappers, not a fighter jet ....

One more, no less special, in addition to the agency if there is a code Gallardo plane. Sean Burnley claim is that as much detail as this?

"Oh no, those numbers if it is used on a phone keypad will be spelled CHRISB (read: Chris Brown)," said Sean