tips are reliable for you and 3 points must be obeyed to achieve maximum/optimal car painting

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have you ever frustrated with his car repair shop car paint specialists whom you calls. The problem, though the age of paint is new, it runs one year two months, or probably less than forementioned times which it fade the color, or it is vanished without trace.

"And that annoying, paint is easily scratched even if it is only once in touch with children's school bag."

the problem was due to selection of paint, varnish, to the imappropriate additives. In fact, when car owners want the maximum result of painting, several things must be addressed.

"There are three things to be consider to be completely satisfied because the results are obtained maximum. In essence, consumers must understand the type and character of the paint.

So, what are those things?

1. Understand the type of paint

Currently there are three kinds of paints on the market and those are often used by the repair shop car painting specialist. All three have different characters, so the price varies.

One thing you should remember: do not occasionally tempted by cheap prices painting package without understanding or knowing the elements of paint used. Therefore, it could be workshop concerned with the composition of the paint by enlarging the portion of the lack of good quality materials in a mixture of paint.

the current price in the negotiation process will do the painting ask about what kind of material will be used, the composition of paints and additives, varnish, etc. and you ask for warranty if it is the result as unexpected

There are three kinds of paints on the market. The three are:

a. Stoving paint

Car painting process using type of paint is usually done by a shop having a facility for burning oven or the paint. Results of painting by using paint is usually good because it has high levels of violence, so that your car is not easily scratched.

These paints are also not easily faded or cracked but it has been for many years. Only, the price offered by the workshop are usually more expensive.

b. Cat urethene

paint quality is usually slightly below the paint stoving. Because the use of quick-drying lacquer paint and worth is more skewed than the paint stoving and it is added by thickeners or hardener additives.

painting process is also much faster. It is on average for only 8-9 hours starting from painting to the finishing process. Luster and resistance of paint did not lose to paint stoving. "Therefore, that are cheaper than using a paint stoving," said Fandy.

Only, the level of violence and resistance to scratch is not as good as the paint stoving. Paint is easily scratched, even with small scratches will be visible and more difficult to be restored.

The difference with stoving paint, when there are enough smeared hair scratch polishing pasta or paint, or it is also with anti-mosquito cream and rubbed luster will return.

c. Lacquer paint

When you shop using these paints, the workmanship will be faster. Understandably, lacquer paint has a quick-drying properties. Thus, the workshop has no oven facilities to be dared to do it though it just rely on the sun.

Usually, the price is pegged by workshop for painting cars using this paint cheaper. Only, his shortcomings, dull paint is faster. "Usually 1-2 years, color and luster paint began to fade,"

2. Make sure the varnish coating has been done

Varnish coating process is done after the painting process has been completed. Substance varnish does not only serves to make the paint looks polish only, but also make the paint protected.

Just, generally, coating process is not rarely noticed for consumers. They agree immediately when the mechanic said the process has been completed and see how the car has been seen shiny.

"Especially if the paint is using the most excellent kind, although there is no sheen varnish already."

In order to view the car is really up to expectations, it is advisable to use glossy varnish or substances are of good quality. Indeed, it is more expensive but the results are really worth.

3. Treat your car well

Do not ever assume the paint with the best quality would have a high strength to resist natural phenomena. Matter how good the quality will not be able to fight phenomenal nature, especially the tendency of changes in natural character is also difficult to ascertain.

Therefore, it is advisable to park the new car repainted in the shade or it is not exposed to sunlight. The problem, though the molecules having the durability of paint will not be shifted within a certain temperature but the sun's ultraviolet radiation can affect the position of moles..

As a result, quick paint is dull. One thing to remember that using blankets or car covers will not be much help if your car is parked in an open area directly exposed to sunlight.